Twin Souls Expressed through Quantum Mechanics and Time Reversal

As expressed in the previous article…Each Being is birthed into the 3D reality through the illusion of seperation, a split atom. This split is evident in the patterns of duality we see on the world screen. Awakening is to become aware of the dualistic pattern and begin the journey of enlightenment by reuniting within your higher selves percpective. By returning to the observer and collapsing the illusions of polarity into wholeness. While twin souls experience this same journey, it is a more complex unfoldment because they are also working with each other to unify seperation consciousness and reset the illusion of time.

Twin Souls are evolved souls that have incarnated here many times to raise the vibration of this planet. They are the original creators of planet earth and have returned in this moment to reset the original blueprint before time. Therefore their experience appears to happen backwards. Prior to their awakening, their subconscious journey is for the benefit of the collective. They have been imprinted with the wounds of a lineage and born into a bloodline they are here to elevate. This imprint attracts duality into their experience in order for them to engage with a particular soul group during their seperation phase. They hold an elevated vibration in their natural state that is passed on to all the atoms they contact along their way while under the illusion of seperation. This feeling of seperation in amplified due to them being born as a split soul into this reality. This trick of the light creates a feeling of emptiness since childhood, a longing for something and someone, they do not consciously know. The effect of this is an increased desire to seek for truth and understanding which implies they network with a more diverse group of atoms. They also are always telepathically connected to their twin which can cause confusion of who they are and why they are here.

As seen in the two slit experiment, the brightest point on the screen of life is the the centerline of overlapping peaks or united masculine and feminine energies. Reaching this point on the screen is the physical manifestation of twins meeting in this lifetime. The intensity that is felt at this meeting point triggers their awakening but also amplifies the duality existent within them. This is what creates the runner and chaser dynamic many twins encounter at this point. While one can not intergrate the power of this light beam, the other knows this person is everything that had been missing. At the same time the light reveals the feeling of wholeness it illuminates all the inner places one has been hidding. For many the high vibration of the unity can not physically merge until they release all the low vibrational interference.

This is where the difference in journey truly begins for twin souls. Were as most souls reach the peak point of masculine and feminine unity and begin traveling backwards to reconstruct and shift the pattern of awareness, the twins will travel the screen to different points in preperation of their mission work. Thier consciousness allows them to look at the screen of life and see the patterns of illusions without needing to retrace the network of atoms. They at this point can see the bigger picture in many respects. This choice is present, as the meeting of the twins has already realigned them to their souls perception and they now go through the phases of light and dark through the reflection of the world view.

This is the story of how and why the twins are here to reverse time. In the beginning, one soul choose to split itself into physical form of masculine and feminine traits. They used these physical bodies of manifestation to procreate their genetic imprint into this planet. These atoms were deployed into manifestation with many other atoms and their waves rippled out and evolved, creating this reality. What happened to one atom happened to them all and effected the vibrational imprint of all that were deployed. When the twin souls reunite at the center point on the screen of life, Source intention begins a new game with them.

Source begins nudging them with a series of electromagnetic waves, resembling mircowave radio pulses. This takes them from what they existed in as a simplistic state of being and creates a complex state of being. This induces audible sounds within the mind and expanding auditory apparatus. This awakens hidden gifts and also allows one to hear their full density of perception. This series of pulses awakens one to all forms of mind control and the effects on the nervous system. Then the pulses stop and the evolution program is complete and turned off. They will then be treated with one more pulse to reverse the phase and ready them to go back to their origin. This is when the twins will reunite in the physical and be released from the polarization that was present during this time of evolution. At the divine timing the evolutionary program will be turned back on and they along with all other atoms that were deployed with them will return to their origin. They will return to their youthful innocence and their full power of who they are and where they came from. This is the great reset of duality before time. The birth of the New Earth as it was in the beginning.

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