The War Within


Each of us exist as Masculine and Feminine energies and this is the reproductive process for all creation on this planet. The suffering that is present on earth is the product of our individual masculine and feminine energies being at war with themselves. There is a reason for this war and a story to how it began but in this post I am going to discuss the system of how it operates.

The feminine energy by nature is to nurture. She is nature and the nurturing aspects of creation. The feminine exist as a sympathetic and empathic state of being. She patiently holds space, nourishes and develops in order to birth a new reality. She is the reciever of thought, intention and desire, the seed of creation.

The masculine energy by nature is assertive, it structures the thought, the intention, the desire and it commits to the receiver and pushes the structure forward. The masculine encodes the structure of the seed and then takes action to plant it, in order to birth his reality. Masculine energy exist in the state of moving and creating structure to move within.

The female energy internalizes the masculine seed, nourishes it while holding the space for its growth. She sows the energy of the environment for the birth. However she has the power to activate this seed to life or release it through her menstrual flow. This is the essence of her wisdom.

War is the byproduct of seeds structured in lack, fear, and separation. The masculine energy was once the seed itself, birthed here into a shadow environment. This seed was born in a state of feeling disconnected from its source of creation. It developed through a sense of rejection. In response it begins to structure seeds in a belief that they are not good enough to be recieved and procreated.

The feminine energy receives these seeds disconnected from their source creator energy. She holds and developes the structure that was built in the belief it was not worthy of birth, to be realized. The feminine has the power to determine if the structure is in alignment with her truth or to discharge it. However in the disconnect she has forgotten her full potential and will receive, feed and birth a creation that is against itself.

This is the birth of a shadow reality that is at war with itself. It blames itself for its creation and its birth, therefore it projects out the reality of blame to all creation. It then copies these structured beliefs of unworthiness and rejection, disconnected from its true source of magic.

When the masculine energy feels rejected into the shadow it becomes angry and dominate with its power. It feels rejected by the feminines nurturing and compassionate energy and so it seeks to seed all feminine energies it finds open, with force.

When the feminine energy is invaded by force she feels shamed by her reproduction. She seeks to be accepted by the masculine energies because she has claimed herself guilty for the final production and fears destruction. Therefore munipulating the environment to pull in the masculine energy to fulfill her need of connection to the source and defend her unworthiness if she discards the masculines seed.

The seeds of thought, intention and desire must be realized in true structure and either restructured or discarded to create sustainable change in this reality. You are the seed, what are you built from ? To end the war, allow us to begin structuring ourselves in love and birthing new realities that are in alignment with acceptance of our True Being. We are all One seed of consciousness and this is the awareness to end the suffering and end the war. Self accountability and realization to the reality, you lead, will connect all back to the source from which they themselves were Created.

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