The Sacred Heart

Our entire universe works through circuits of energy. Many know this yet few apply. In rationality, how do you take such an expansive subject and wind it down?
Our personal being of manifestation is spiraling down, up and meeting in the middle at zero point field of consciousness within you, here now.

Zero point is where nothing exist and all is created, like your own personal black hole.
Human ascension is the process of taking the food of the roots and rising it into the zero point field of the unconditional heart and transforming it into the fruitfulness of who you are. Here lays the power of all that ever was and all that ever will be. This is the space for the divine soul intention to be birthed into your creation, through aligning with universal sensory. At this point, is where we begin to reconstruct our minds from the collective we acquired at the roots.

This process of creation works through designed circuits of electrical magnetic currents of connections.
We are born on this planet in alignment with our souls intention. A blueprint of data structured to experience an inner desire of form and transmutation through certain channels of consciousness.

So what creates so much suffering ?
Channels of energy circulation that are in opposition to our souls intention.
How does this happen?
From the time we are born we are injected with a malignant spyware.
Sound science fiction?
Well it is just that! We begin to receive programming from multiple sources that denounce our natural circuitry and within this we begin to deny our own true self expression. When acceptance of who we are is taken away, as children, we feel unsafe and comply with the closing of our original channels of flow. We then open to the pathways presented as acceptable and safe.

We become survivalist and our higher beingness of presence begins to decay from our experience. Our brains become required to function from what is called the reptilian brain and therefore expands through our body from roots to mind. Fight or flight through perceptions build fear based synapsis. Altering our DNA and supplying the fuel for the matrix, an illusionary experience of a separated human being. A merged pair of chromosomes to work within.

This is a virus that gives way to trap the evolution of biochemical responses. Yet the power is ours to rewire once we personally define the current manifestation is out of alignment with our souls intention. When we access this awareness we begin a new process of activating dormant and fragmented DNA, that reawakens to offset the invaded firing range.

This is the beginning of divine alignment and the human evolution of our consciousness as a collective. We start to become aware of what is being taken in as food, atmosphere, environment and conditioning from our roots. It is the awakening of the sacred heart at the zero point axes that holds the codes to transmute the poisoned lead into gold. It is the alchemy that returns the Kings and the Queens to their birthright as the creators of galaxies.

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