The Split of Masculine & Feminine Energy as Seen through Quantum Mechanics

The division of masculine and feminine energy was the creation of time. Through reflection upon the quantum mechanics of splitting an atom, we can better understand the how, what and why this duality sensation appeared. This experiment also reveals how to rejoin the two halfs into One. First, Quantum Mechanics shows us how particles can exist in multiple states of being simultaneously. Atoms have a spin that can go in two directions, they can spin left and they can spin right. With a laser beam, you can move an atom to the right or to the left. The key is atoms can spin both directions simultaneously and if this occurs, the atom splits.

A split atom is now spinning, half to the left and half to the right, yet it is still whole. So how is this split achieved by a laser beam of light? Amazingly, the light tricks the atom into believing two different things about itself. An atom will absorb and store energy within an allotted energy state of being. It can exist in a low energy state or a high energy state. If in a low energy state, you can send it a photon, a package of light energy and it will absorb it. This rises the atom into a higher state of being. The light also carries momentum that is transferred to the atom and it accelerates. Now if another photon comes along, the atom can not absorb it because it is full in the high vibrational energy state. However the new photon can trick the atom because the atom can sense its presence and the photon can tickle the atom. This causes it to release the same frequency as the new photon and the photon takes in the vibration and momentum released by the atom. The atom then drops back down into low energy state and slows. The atom also has the choice to ignore the new photon and continue along it’s way. We will discover that this choice is the lesson learned through the evolution experienced within the split. By adjusting the intensity of two light beams the atom can be tricked into being in both states, high and low, simultaneously. Half of the atom wave believes it has absorbed the photon and gets excited and accelerates away while the other half believes it has not absorbed the light and continues in place. This is the existence of one being existing in a high vibration and acceleration of masculine energy while feminine is left stagnant in low energy or vice versa.

Light represents love on a scale of higher and lower frequencies. If we allow a lower form of energy to tickle us, we release our higher vibrational love and drop into a lower state of being. This split of energy can not be observed, only measured in outcome. The measurment is the difference of magnetic fields in the two positions of acceleration. This becomes imprinted in the quantum state of the atom and shows us the polarization that occured. These imprints within us are our emotional and mental patterns that are developed when we are internally polarized.

The process of evolution that is programmed through this split is evident within the time and space pattern. When the two halves are pulled apart, they engage with adjacent atoms and this contact exist as a bridge spanning between the two pillars. The two halves can network with atoms to their left and right and then share the information between itself and all other atoms within the network. This allows a collection of atoms to form a memory span and work together to share information to an elevated sense.

The key to understanding this quantum reality is the split atom can not be observed. In fact it is simultaneously whole as it is divided. If you try to look at the atom while seperated it will just appear in a series of multiple places, never in both places. The only way the split is proven is by the reunification of the atom and the evidence of imprinted polarization within the magnetic fields. In true quantum fashion, when it is observed the seperation  immediately collapses into wholeness.  To analyze the imprinted effects of the split between masculine and feminine in the quantum field, we can look at the two slit experiment  of light beams. 

Quantum Double Slit Experiment

Source Light sets the Souls Intention. This vibration of energy is recieved through the 3rd eye or minds eye and is then subconsciously expressed through the two slits representing masculine and feminine imprints. This creates two wave patterns instead of one and at points theu overlap. Where the peaks of the two waves overlap is the place of greatest intensity and will create a bright light on the screen of perception but where the valleys of the waves occur it cancels out the light and creates a shadow. This is the infringement pattern created on the screen of life and presentes as duality. Where the peaks meet this is unified energy but where the valleys exist there is interference. In awakening we become aware of the pattern projected on the screen. This enables us to use the memory formed through all the adjacent atoms we engaged with along the way and become aware of the shared information.

When we begin the journey back through the network we discover the meeting points of the waves were constructive, while the valleys were deconstructive. As we identify these points of deconstruction we illuminate them. When they are  illuminated, we break the pattern and the infringement pattern on the screen shifts, transforming perception of reality. Each wave is a parallel reality all happening at the same time creating the patterns for us to look at and reconstruct in the now. As we move back through them consciously we change the effect of all atoms we engaged with in the experiment.

When we recieve ourselves back into physical balance of masculine and feminine energies we jump the timeline of the two slits. We take the place as the observer, recieving our imprint from our 3rd eye, or higher self’s vibration directly. This leap of quantum realities collapses all illusions of seperation. Enlightening us with what  quantum mechanics has proven, when you are observing, all behaves exactly how you expect it to. This place of observation within the 3rd eyes frame does not mean we wield control but rather we allow the waves to pass through. To be present in allowance of unlimited potentials to exist but through sensitivity to the waves, there is no place for interference to exist. Your perception of the screen to life is enlightened. The atom is observed and therefor all seperation collapses and is whole. It has absorbed the highest frequency of light and does not fall for the tricks to tickle him back into lower vibrations. He ignores the other frequencies because he holds no greed for more, he is content with the experience he is in. This is the collapse of duality and time into one being of light.

Twin Souls however have a slightly different existence within this quantum experiment. As they not only experience the division of masculine and feminine within, they also experience the intensity of one soul split into masculine and feminine beings. This is done through the mission of erasing time and resetting the networks they engage with to their origin. Part 3….

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