Spiritual Bypassing

Spiritual Bypassing has a place within our journey of evolution and integration into unconditional love. However many unconsciously hinder their progression from here by confusing unconditional love with acceptance of toxic behavior. Extending our Love to others but denying our Self Love and Acceptance of the hidden and rejected parts of ourselves. Fear to elevate them in their unique expression AS LOVE. Blooming as the Perfection in YOU.

Truth comes at the price of our comfort zones and familiar expressions.
Truth comes at the price of our belief systems about the world and about ourselves.
Truth comes at the price of our conditioning and programming about who we are and what we should be.
Truth comes at the price of who we thought we were and who we thought we wanted to be.

If we are focusing our attention only on the positive aspects of life and what feels good, we are in denial of the full Truth. To only feel good is to be living in a dream state. This dream is necessary to connect and conceptualize what we hope for, wish for, long for and intent to create. To self realize. However we can not create physical changes if we are trapped in the dream space.

It is meant to be your drafting board, the place you discover you are the engineer and you hold the higher frequency of love and magic to create with. To become Real Here Now, we must return to the ground and create with what we have expanded into.

To ground ourselves as the ocean and the mountain in One. To stand with your fist of Power, to flow with your tongue in Truth and dance to your Heart Beat of Love. In acceptance that the ground can feel uncomfortable because there is a war present, designed to distract and confuse.

There is a battle for control to hid the deep seeds of darkness, which hold captive the resources of creation. It exist to use the hidden powers to reproduce itself and expelle the light through pressure and shame. In acceptance of Your Seed, Free of Guilt in your delivery, we have been pushed and birthed into the dawn of a New Earth. The war is not ours to fight. Our Emergance is from the underground. We are the seeds of darkness who have been Activated as light. You hold all resources Within You.

It is time to take our Power back and Shine the light, as the light. No longer seeking for light in the darkness. Accepting You Already Are the Light of the darkness. It is time to draw the line in the sand where enough is enough. To Rise in Power through what you will no longer tolerate or allow to be suppressed and hidden.
In Unconditional Love as Starseeds, we have come to terms with ALL Is Love but to Emerge is to have Claimed Your Personal Expression as Love. To Be Seen, is to Be Present In Your Darkness as Light.

To reconcile within and call back your energy from those that do not support the foundation of your dreams. To release the intake of resources that insist you restrict your full embodiment in order to grow within boundaries set by something outside yourself. It is time to bring Heaven to Earth through Who You Truly Are. Love, Truth, Knowledge, Forgiveness, Play and Inclusion. Darkness and Light, Fire and Water together Free.

We are not here to convince others or to go looking for the mislead and bring them home into Unity. We all have free will and our own guidance system. In Emergance of You Being Free, what you seek, seeks you, meets you. Love is not in attachment to positive aspects of life but rather Honoring who you are and Honoring what others choose to be. Unity is not about sacrificing for others belief systems or to fit in so as to not trigger what makes others comfortable. It is about the release of what does not serve US. To Unify with our True Essence, broke Open through the dissolving of Self Judgement.

We already are One, nothing needs to be done for this. Power of Your Expression and Claiming Your Ground directs the Whole, this is Unified Consciousness.

It is Time to Break Ground and Grow Our Visions of Home. Where Everyone is Welcome and our tables Flow in Abundance for Everyone. Emerging as the fruits that fill the tables, is to know that anyone who comes to the table is Free to eat but Your Fruit is Your Gift and Is to Be Honored as One.

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