The Sacred Geometry of Masculine & Feminine Energy

In Awakening to my truth and authenticity of balancing my masculine and feminine energy, my guide that appeared to me for this process was, Lilith. While the bible has erased her, ancient mythology presents her as a demon and astrology aligns her to the shadow and holder of fear, her story reflects to me in a different light. She is the representation of the abandoned Divine Feminine Energy. Her Story as told by her… The Garden of Planet Earth was created with the Atom, Indivisible. However a split occurred within this manifestation. The female gender was emasculated. She was raped and dislocated in relation to the masculine. This occurred through the feminine energy directly connected to Mother Earth.

The female gender was then replaced and imprinted with an illusionary female image, named Eve, the entering into darkness, the setting of the masculine sun. The masculine sacrificed his feminine heart center, his rib, to build this image of the the female. In this reality, he owns the woman as submissive to his light of life and regards her survival to his reality of manifestation. The feminine is now denied independent identity and expression within both male and female genders. Seperated within themselves, broken hearted, the atom was split.

This created seeds of bitterness that produced the fruit of duality and polarization upon our planet. The birth of our 3D reality structure. After this new structure was imprinted as reality, those with balanced energies were mostly rejected or shunned from society. Many were called witches, pagans or heathens and burned at the stake of their expressed wholeness. The feminine forsook her true self in order to fit within this created Patriarchal structure. This betrayal of self opened the mother wound where the feminine energy munipulates the masculine energy to fill the emptiness of their heart. Belittling the masculine, to trigger the males feminine energy, renforcing the guilt and shame and allowing the feminine to stand in the masculine power. The mother wound is the loop the thieves use, who profit from this  patriarchal paradigm. They invade through this open wound and continue the cycle of abuse and oppression earth wide.

In this split, the feminine went inward and the masculine outward.  The feminine attended to the womb and worked in the unseen places, while the masculine focused on the physical building of the outer reality. The masculine that was produces through these seeds of bitterness, born of the split became addicted to physical dominance and control. They began suppressing abilities that did not lean into their projected reality. This bitterness left energetic imprints forming the sacred geometry that has built the physical perception of our 3rd dimension. Deep seeded patterns of resentment within the cellular memory of this planet.

This geometrical knowledge was kept hidden for millenials by secret societies. For example, the secret society that formed many of today’s governments, the Freemasons. The masons freely build with the insight of this geometry, aware of the imprints within. They also build a mental wall to block the collective from retrieving this knowledge within themselves, we call this the matrix. With many of us now dissolving this wall of seperation and remembering who we are, we are gaining the momentum to rebalance the collectives sight through a switching of roles.

As women are realigning with their  masculine power, they begin to speak out. They speak the change of manifestation into the outer world through the reclaiming of their speech, that has been silenced for too long. As men reconnect with their feminine energy they become willing  to stand in support of these new visions. With love and openness to the unknown and unseen, they can surrender their forceful nature. These are the building blocks of the New Age. By revealing what has been hidden we free the knowledge of choice to the collective. Releasing the information of how, what and why the 3D reality was formed. As well as turning over the how, what and why of the building blocks to a new manifestation for Mother Earth.

This split and reunification of the atom is further detailed in quantum mechanics. Revealing the process of the split and the occured evolution program through the time between, as well as the key to reunification of the atom. Part 2…the-split

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