Reset Lack Mentality and Create Abundant Manifestations!

Do you see yourself in abundance or are you finding your manifestations still coming short of your hearts desires being filled ?

The human mind seems to have a sadistic type of affair with consuming our energies, focusing on needs, wants, and a not good enough yet narrative. From the time we open our eyes in the morning till we drift to sleep at night, our brains are firing in overdrive, recording its perception of our timeline. It reminds me of the movie, Groundhog day, everyday waking up to the same shit, different day.

What if each night of rest supplied us with a reset button that unlocked limitless possibilities to the new beginning at dawn?

Each day was met with joy and excitment for abundance! Imagine how incredible it would feel to manifest our dreams into our physical reality, with each new day. These shifts are possible when we clear the subconscious belief systems that clog our mental perceptions with lack mentality. When these subconscious scarcity patterns are running, they block manifesting realities that are aligned with our hearts desires. This leaves open space for self doubt and self sabotage to seep in, defaulting our experiences to be limited by what we assume we can accomplish at any given moment. What are mind tells us seems logical. This funnels our energy into an abyss that never feels satisfied because we are focusing our manifestational energy into a projected illusion off in the future while sacrificing the now potential. Lowering our value in the moment. Belief systems that tell us, fulfillment is only available after, we accomplish plan A,B,C. Reliant on a train of thought.

The reprogramming of our mindset is our perception and presense within a moment.

Your Awareness of Now is step A. Awareness, that in each moment you have a choice of decision, choice of reference point to see from. Taking hold your personal power with the acknowledgment that you are in control of your actions and reactions. Awareness births plan B. To BE in gratitude of all the moments that lead you and supported you into the place you find yourself NOW. When you close your eyes at night, create in your mind the storyline of thankfulness. When you rise in the morning BE Living in your hearts desires of creativity and opportunity of expression. Opening the doorway to plan C; to SEE the illusions held in your ancestral DNA receptors, operating out of survival instincts. To become mindful of the flight, fight or freeze responses that no longer serve our evolutionary process of consciousness. See the fears, the wounds, the core belief systems and allow the dawn of your light to create the manifestations through a clear heart.

The key to this doorway, to reset YOUR life daily, is radical self trust and acceptance. Diving into the murky unknown to discover your Soul Purpose and Rising Abundant Manifestations into your physical reality, through alchemical transformation.

This pathway to your inner desires and freedom, flows like the ocean. Free flowing to the shore and then suddenly feeling like you are being pulled back to sea. Subconscious programs hold gravity and pull us into the deep waters and at times we can feel trapped in the ebb and flow of our journey. Feeling battered and overwhelmed by obstacles on our way to the shore of abundance. If this is the case for you, know that this is only a temporary setback. Clearing the way of obstacles can be hindered by these subconscious patterns mentioned before due to energetic structures that are deeply rooted out of view. To reset our mindset, we must restructure the current program and this can become increasingly difficult if we can not locate the energetic blocks. Becoming mindful of the obstacles that continue to appear through seasons of life, gives you the power to rewire your chemical responses to these perceived limitations. Changing your cordinates to remove that blockage from your future experience.

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