Twin Souls Expressed through Quantum Mechanics and Time Reversal

As expressed in the previous article…Each Being is birthed into the 3D reality through the illusion of seperation, a split atom. This split is evident in the patterns of duality we see on the world screen. Awakening is to become aware of the dualistic pattern and begin the journey of enlightenment by reuniting within your higher selves percpective. By returning to the observer and collapsing the illusions of polarity into wholeness. While twin souls experience this same journey, it is a more complex unfoldment because they are also working with each other to unify seperation consciousness and reset the illusion of time.

Twin Souls are evolved souls that have incarnated here many times to raise the vibration of this planet. They are the original creators of planet earth and have returned in this moment to reset the original blueprint before time. Therefore their experience appears to happen backwards. Prior to their awakening, their subconscious journey is for the benefit of the collective. They have been imprinted with the wounds of a lineage and born into a bloodline they are here to elevate. This imprint attracts duality into their experience in order for them to engage with a particular soul group during their seperation phase. They hold an elevated vibration in their natural state that is passed on to all the atoms they contact along their way while under the illusion of seperation. This feeling of seperation in amplified due to them being born as a split soul into this reality. This trick of the light creates a feeling of emptiness since childhood, a longing for something and someone, they do not consciously know. The effect of this is an increased desire to seek for truth and understanding which implies they network with a more diverse group of atoms. They also are always telepathically connected to their twin which can cause confusion of who they are and why they are here.

As seen in the two slit experiment, the brightest point on the screen of life is the the centerline of overlapping peaks or united masculine and feminine energies. Reaching this point on the screen is the physical manifestation of twins meeting in this lifetime. The intensity that is felt at this meeting point triggers their awakening but also amplifies the duality existent within them. This is what creates the runner and chaser dynamic many twins encounter at this point. While one can not intergrate the power of this light beam, the other knows this person is everything that had been missing. At the same time the light reveals the feeling of wholeness it illuminates all the inner places one has been hidding. For many the high vibration of the unity can not physically merge until they release all the low vibrational interference.

This is where the difference in journey truly begins for twin souls. Were as most souls reach the peak point of masculine and feminine unity and begin traveling backwards to reconstruct and shift the pattern of awareness, the twins will travel the screen to different points in preperation of their mission work. Thier consciousness allows them to look at the screen of life and see the patterns of illusions without needing to retrace the network of atoms. They at this point can see the bigger picture in many respects. This choice is present, as the meeting of the twins has already realigned them to their souls perception and they now go through the phases of light and dark through the reflection of the world view.

This is the story of how and why the twins are here to reverse time. In the beginning, one soul choose to split itself into physical form of masculine and feminine traits. They used these physical bodies of manifestation to procreate their genetic imprint into this planet. These atoms were deployed into manifestation with many other atoms and their waves rippled out and evolved, creating this reality. What happened to one atom happened to them all and effected the vibrational imprint of all that were deployed. When the twin souls reunite at the center point on the screen of life, Source intention begins a new game with them.

Source begins nudging them with a series of electromagnetic waves, resembling mircowave radio pulses. This takes them from what they existed in as a simplistic state of being and creates a complex state of being. This induces audible sounds within the mind and expanding auditory apparatus. This awakens hidden gifts and also allows one to hear their full density of perception. This series of pulses awakens one to all forms of mind control and the effects on the nervous system. Then the pulses stop and the evolution program is complete and turned off. They will then be treated with one more pulse to reverse the phase and ready them to go back to their origin. This is when the twins will reunite in the physical and be released from the polarization that was present during this time of evolution. At the divine timing the evolutionary program will be turned back on and they along with all other atoms that were deployed with them will return to their origin. They will return to their youthful innocence and their full power of who they are and where they came from. This is the great reset of duality before time. The birth of the New Earth as it was in the beginning.

The Split of Masculine & Feminine Energy as Seen through Quantum Mechanics

The division of masculine and feminine energy was the creation of time. Through reflection upon the quantum mechanics of splitting an atom, we can better understand the how, what and why this duality sensation appeared. This experiment also reveals how to rejoin the two halfs into One. First, Quantum Mechanics shows us how particles can exist in multiple states of being simultaneously. Atoms have a spin that can go in two directions, they can spin left and they can spin right. With a laser beam, you can move an atom to the right or to the left. The key is atoms can spin both directions simultaneously and if this occurs, the atom splits.

A split atom is now spinning, half to the left and half to the right, yet it is still whole. So how is this split achieved by a laser beam of light? Amazingly, the light tricks the atom into believing two different things about itself. An atom will absorb and store energy within an allotted energy state of being. It can exist in a low energy state or a high energy state. If in a low energy state, you can send it a photon, a package of light energy and it will absorb it. This rises the atom into a higher state of being. The light also carries momentum that is transferred to the atom and it accelerates. Now if another photon comes along, the atom can not absorb it because it is full in the high vibrational energy state. However the new photon can trick the atom because the atom can sense its presence and the photon can tickle the atom. This causes it to release the same frequency as the new photon and the photon takes in the vibration and momentum released by the atom. The atom then drops back down into low energy state and slows. The atom also has the choice to ignore the new photon and continue along it’s way. We will discover that this choice is the lesson learned through the evolution experienced within the split. By adjusting the intensity of two light beams the atom can be tricked into being in both states, high and low, simultaneously. Half of the atom wave believes it has absorbed the photon and gets excited and accelerates away while the other half believes it has not absorbed the light and continues in place. This is the existence of one being existing in a high vibration and acceleration of masculine energy while feminine is left stagnant in low energy or vice versa.

Light represents love on a scale of higher and lower frequencies. If we allow a lower form of energy to tickle us, we release our higher vibrational love and drop into a lower state of being. This split of energy can not be observed, only measured in outcome. The measurment is the difference of magnetic fields in the two positions of acceleration. This becomes imprinted in the quantum state of the atom and shows us the polarization that occured. These imprints within us are our emotional and mental patterns that are developed when we are internally polarized.

The process of evolution that is programmed through this split is evident within the time and space pattern. When the two halves are pulled apart, they engage with adjacent atoms and this contact exist as a bridge spanning between the two pillars. The two halves can network with atoms to their left and right and then share the information between itself and all other atoms within the network. This allows a collection of atoms to form a memory span and work together to share information to an elevated sense.

The key to understanding this quantum reality is the split atom can not be observed. In fact it is simultaneously whole as it is divided. If you try to look at the atom while seperated it will just appear in a series of multiple places, never in both places. The only way the split is proven is by the reunification of the atom and the evidence of imprinted polarization within the magnetic fields. In true quantum fashion, when it is observed the seperation  immediately collapses into wholeness.  To analyze the imprinted effects of the split between masculine and feminine in the quantum field, we can look at the two slit experiment  of light beams. 

Quantum Double Slit Experiment

Source Light sets the Souls Intention. This vibration of energy is recieved through the 3rd eye or minds eye and is then subconsciously expressed through the two slits representing masculine and feminine imprints. This creates two wave patterns instead of one and at points theu overlap. Where the peaks of the two waves overlap is the place of greatest intensity and will create a bright light on the screen of perception but where the valleys of the waves occur it cancels out the light and creates a shadow. This is the infringement pattern created on the screen of life and presentes as duality. Where the peaks meet this is unified energy but where the valleys exist there is interference. In awakening we become aware of the pattern projected on the screen. This enables us to use the memory formed through all the adjacent atoms we engaged with along the way and become aware of the shared information.

When we begin the journey back through the network we discover the meeting points of the waves were constructive, while the valleys were deconstructive. As we identify these points of deconstruction we illuminate them. When they are  illuminated, we break the pattern and the infringement pattern on the screen shifts, transforming perception of reality. Each wave is a parallel reality all happening at the same time creating the patterns for us to look at and reconstruct in the now. As we move back through them consciously we change the effect of all atoms we engaged with in the experiment.

When we recieve ourselves back into physical balance of masculine and feminine energies we jump the timeline of the two slits. We take the place as the observer, recieving our imprint from our 3rd eye, or higher self’s vibration directly. This leap of quantum realities collapses all illusions of seperation. Enlightening us with what  quantum mechanics has proven, when you are observing, all behaves exactly how you expect it to. This place of observation within the 3rd eyes frame does not mean we wield control but rather we allow the waves to pass through. To be present in allowance of unlimited potentials to exist but through sensitivity to the waves, there is no place for interference to exist. Your perception of the screen to life is enlightened. The atom is observed and therefor all seperation collapses and is whole. It has absorbed the highest frequency of light and does not fall for the tricks to tickle him back into lower vibrations. He ignores the other frequencies because he holds no greed for more, he is content with the experience he is in. This is the collapse of duality and time into one being of light.

Twin Souls however have a slightly different existence within this quantum experiment. As they not only experience the division of masculine and feminine within, they also experience the intensity of one soul split into masculine and feminine beings. This is done through the mission of erasing time and resetting the networks they engage with to their origin. Part 3….

The Sacred Geometry of Masculine & Feminine Energy

In Awakening to my truth and authenticity of balancing my masculine and feminine energy, my guide that appeared to me for this process was, Lilith. While the bible has erased her, ancient mythology presents her as a demon and astrology aligns her to the shadow and holder of fear, her story reflects to me in a different light. She is the representation of the abandoned Divine Feminine Energy. Her Story as told by her… The Garden of Planet Earth was created with the Atom, Indivisible. However a split occurred within this manifestation. The female gender was emasculated. She was raped and dislocated in relation to the masculine. This occurred through the feminine energy directly connected to Mother Earth.

The female gender was then replaced and imprinted with an illusionary female image, named Eve, the entering into darkness, the setting of the masculine sun. The masculine sacrificed his feminine heart center, his rib, to build this image of the the female. In this reality, he owns the woman as submissive to his light of life and regards her survival to his reality of manifestation. The feminine is now denied independent identity and expression within both male and female genders. Seperated within themselves, broken hearted, the atom was split.

This created seeds of bitterness that produced the fruit of duality and polarization upon our planet. The birth of our 3D reality structure. After this new structure was imprinted as reality, those with balanced energies were mostly rejected or shunned from society. Many were called witches, pagans or heathens and burned at the stake of their expressed wholeness. The feminine forsook her true self in order to fit within this created Patriarchal structure. This betrayal of self opened the mother wound where the feminine energy munipulates the masculine energy to fill the emptiness of their heart. Belittling the masculine, to trigger the males feminine energy, renforcing the guilt and shame and allowing the feminine to stand in the masculine power. The mother wound is the loop the thieves use, who profit from this  patriarchal paradigm. They invade through this open wound and continue the cycle of abuse and oppression earth wide.

In this split, the feminine went inward and the masculine outward.  The feminine attended to the womb and worked in the unseen places, while the masculine focused on the physical building of the outer reality. The masculine that was produces through these seeds of bitterness, born of the split became addicted to physical dominance and control. They began suppressing abilities that did not lean into their projected reality. This bitterness left energetic imprints forming the sacred geometry that has built the physical perception of our 3rd dimension. Deep seeded patterns of resentment within the cellular memory of this planet.

This geometrical knowledge was kept hidden for millenials by secret societies. For example, the secret society that formed many of today’s governments, the Freemasons. The masons freely build with the insight of this geometry, aware of the imprints within. They also build a mental wall to block the collective from retrieving this knowledge within themselves, we call this the matrix. With many of us now dissolving this wall of seperation and remembering who we are, we are gaining the momentum to rebalance the collectives sight through a switching of roles.

As women are realigning with their  masculine power, they begin to speak out. They speak the change of manifestation into the outer world through the reclaiming of their speech, that has been silenced for too long. As men reconnect with their feminine energy they become willing  to stand in support of these new visions. With love and openness to the unknown and unseen, they can surrender their forceful nature. These are the building blocks of the New Age. By revealing what has been hidden we free the knowledge of choice to the collective. Releasing the information of how, what and why the 3D reality was formed. As well as turning over the how, what and why of the building blocks to a new manifestation for Mother Earth.

This split and reunification of the atom is further detailed in quantum mechanics. Revealing the process of the split and the occured evolution program through the time between, as well as the key to reunification of the atom. Part 2…the-split

Reset Lack Mentality and Create Abundant Manifestations!

Do you see yourself in abundance or are you finding your manifestations still coming short of your hearts desires being filled ?

The human mind seems to have a sadistic type of affair with consuming our energies, focusing on needs, wants, and a not good enough yet narrative. From the time we open our eyes in the morning till we drift to sleep at night, our brains are firing in overdrive, recording its perception of our timeline. It reminds me of the movie, Groundhog day, everyday waking up to the same shit, different day.

What if each night of rest supplied us with a reset button that unlocked limitless possibilities to the new beginning at dawn?

Each day was met with joy and excitment for abundance! Imagine how incredible it would feel to manifest our dreams into our physical reality, with each new day. These shifts are possible when we clear the subconscious belief systems that clog our mental perceptions with lack mentality. When these subconscious scarcity patterns are running, they block manifesting realities that are aligned with our hearts desires. This leaves open space for self doubt and self sabotage to seep in, defaulting our experiences to be limited by what we assume we can accomplish at any given moment. What are mind tells us seems logical. This funnels our energy into an abyss that never feels satisfied because we are focusing our manifestational energy into a projected illusion off in the future while sacrificing the now potential. Lowering our value in the moment. Belief systems that tell us, fulfillment is only available after, we accomplish plan A,B,C. Reliant on a train of thought.

The reprogramming of our mindset is our perception and presense within a moment.

Your Awareness of Now is step A. Awareness, that in each moment you have a choice of decision, choice of reference point to see from. Taking hold your personal power with the acknowledgment that you are in control of your actions and reactions. Awareness births plan B. To BE in gratitude of all the moments that lead you and supported you into the place you find yourself NOW. When you close your eyes at night, create in your mind the storyline of thankfulness. When you rise in the morning BE Living in your hearts desires of creativity and opportunity of expression. Opening the doorway to plan C; to SEE the illusions held in your ancestral DNA receptors, operating out of survival instincts. To become mindful of the flight, fight or freeze responses that no longer serve our evolutionary process of consciousness. See the fears, the wounds, the core belief systems and allow the dawn of your light to create the manifestations through a clear heart.

The key to this doorway, to reset YOUR life daily, is radical self trust and acceptance. Diving into the murky unknown to discover your Soul Purpose and Rising Abundant Manifestations into your physical reality, through alchemical transformation.

This pathway to your inner desires and freedom, flows like the ocean. Free flowing to the shore and then suddenly feeling like you are being pulled back to sea. Subconscious programs hold gravity and pull us into the deep waters and at times we can feel trapped in the ebb and flow of our journey. Feeling battered and overwhelmed by obstacles on our way to the shore of abundance. If this is the case for you, know that this is only a temporary setback. Clearing the way of obstacles can be hindered by these subconscious patterns mentioned before due to energetic structures that are deeply rooted out of view. To reset our mindset, we must restructure the current program and this can become increasingly difficult if we can not locate the energetic blocks. Becoming mindful of the obstacles that continue to appear through seasons of life, gives you the power to rewire your chemical responses to these perceived limitations. Changing your cordinates to remove that blockage from your future experience.

The Sacred Heart

Our entire universe works through circuits of energy. Many know this yet few apply. In rationality, how do you take such an expansive subject and wind it down?
Our personal being of manifestation is spiraling down, up and meeting in the middle at zero point field of consciousness within you, here now.

Zero point is where nothing exist and all is created, like your own personal black hole.
Human ascension is the process of taking the food of the roots and rising it into the zero point field of the unconditional heart and transforming it into the fruitfulness of who you are. Here lays the power of all that ever was and all that ever will be. This is the space for the divine soul intention to be birthed into your creation, through aligning with universal sensory. At this point, is where we begin to reconstruct our minds from the collective we acquired at the roots.

This process of creation works through designed circuits of electrical magnetic currents of connections.
We are born on this planet in alignment with our souls intention. A blueprint of data structured to experience an inner desire of form and transmutation through certain channels of consciousness.

So what creates so much suffering ?
Channels of energy circulation that are in opposition to our souls intention.
How does this happen?
From the time we are born we are injected with a malignant spyware.
Sound science fiction?
Well it is just that! We begin to receive programming from multiple sources that denounce our natural circuitry and within this we begin to deny our own true self expression. When acceptance of who we are is taken away, as children, we feel unsafe and comply with the closing of our original channels of flow. We then open to the pathways presented as acceptable and safe.

We become survivalist and our higher beingness of presence begins to decay from our experience. Our brains become required to function from what is called the reptilian brain and therefore expands through our body from roots to mind. Fight or flight through perceptions build fear based synapsis. Altering our DNA and supplying the fuel for the matrix, an illusionary experience of a separated human being. A merged pair of chromosomes to work within.

This is a virus that gives way to trap the evolution of biochemical responses. Yet the power is ours to rewire once we personally define the current manifestation is out of alignment with our souls intention. When we access this awareness we begin a new process of activating dormant and fragmented DNA, that reawakens to offset the invaded firing range.

This is the beginning of divine alignment and the human evolution of our consciousness as a collective. We start to become aware of what is being taken in as food, atmosphere, environment and conditioning from our roots. It is the awakening of the sacred heart at the zero point axes that holds the codes to transmute the poisoned lead into gold. It is the alchemy that returns the Kings and the Queens to their birthright as the creators of galaxies.

The War Within


Each of us exist as Masculine and Feminine energies and this is the reproductive process for all creation on this planet. The suffering that is present on earth is the product of our individual masculine and feminine energies being at war with themselves. There is a reason for this war and a story to how it began but in this post I am going to discuss the system of how it operates.

The feminine energy by nature is to nurture. She is nature and the nurturing aspects of creation. The feminine exist as a sympathetic and empathic state of being. She patiently holds space, nourishes and develops in order to birth a new reality. She is the reciever of thought, intention and desire, the seed of creation.

The masculine energy by nature is assertive, it structures the thought, the intention, the desire and it commits to the receiver and pushes the structure forward. The masculine encodes the structure of the seed and then takes action to plant it, in order to birth his reality. Masculine energy exist in the state of moving and creating structure to move within.

The female energy internalizes the masculine seed, nourishes it while holding the space for its growth. She sows the energy of the environment for the birth. However she has the power to activate this seed to life or release it through her menstrual flow. This is the essence of her wisdom.

War is the byproduct of seeds structured in lack, fear, and separation. The masculine energy was once the seed itself, birthed here into a shadow environment. This seed was born in a state of feeling disconnected from its source of creation. It developed through a sense of rejection. In response it begins to structure seeds in a belief that they are not good enough to be recieved and procreated.

The feminine energy receives these seeds disconnected from their source creator energy. She holds and developes the structure that was built in the belief it was not worthy of birth, to be realized. The feminine has the power to determine if the structure is in alignment with her truth or to discharge it. However in the disconnect she has forgotten her full potential and will receive, feed and birth a creation that is against itself.

This is the birth of a shadow reality that is at war with itself. It blames itself for its creation and its birth, therefore it projects out the reality of blame to all creation. It then copies these structured beliefs of unworthiness and rejection, disconnected from its true source of magic.

When the masculine energy feels rejected into the shadow it becomes angry and dominate with its power. It feels rejected by the feminines nurturing and compassionate energy and so it seeks to seed all feminine energies it finds open, with force.

When the feminine energy is invaded by force she feels shamed by her reproduction. She seeks to be accepted by the masculine energies because she has claimed herself guilty for the final production and fears destruction. Therefore munipulating the environment to pull in the masculine energy to fulfill her need of connection to the source and defend her unworthiness if she discards the masculines seed.

The seeds of thought, intention and desire must be realized in true structure and either restructured or discarded to create sustainable change in this reality. You are the seed, what are you built from ? To end the war, allow us to begin structuring ourselves in love and birthing new realities that are in alignment with acceptance of our True Being. We are all One seed of consciousness and this is the awareness to end the suffering and end the war. Self accountability and realization to the reality, you lead, will connect all back to the source from which they themselves were Created.

Spiritual Bypassing

Spiritual Bypassing has a place within our journey of evolution and integration into unconditional love. However many unconsciously hinder their progression from here by confusing unconditional love with acceptance of toxic behavior. Extending our Love to others but denying our Self Love and Acceptance of the hidden and rejected parts of ourselves. Fear to elevate them in their unique expression AS LOVE. Blooming as the Perfection in YOU.

Truth comes at the price of our comfort zones and familiar expressions.
Truth comes at the price of our belief systems about the world and about ourselves.
Truth comes at the price of our conditioning and programming about who we are and what we should be.
Truth comes at the price of who we thought we were and who we thought we wanted to be.

If we are focusing our attention only on the positive aspects of life and what feels good, we are in denial of the full Truth. To only feel good is to be living in a dream state. This dream is necessary to connect and conceptualize what we hope for, wish for, long for and intent to create. To self realize. However we can not create physical changes if we are trapped in the dream space.

It is meant to be your drafting board, the place you discover you are the engineer and you hold the higher frequency of love and magic to create with. To become Real Here Now, we must return to the ground and create with what we have expanded into.

To ground ourselves as the ocean and the mountain in One. To stand with your fist of Power, to flow with your tongue in Truth and dance to your Heart Beat of Love. In acceptance that the ground can feel uncomfortable because there is a war present, designed to distract and confuse.

There is a battle for control to hid the deep seeds of darkness, which hold captive the resources of creation. It exist to use the hidden powers to reproduce itself and expelle the light through pressure and shame. In acceptance of Your Seed, Free of Guilt in your delivery, we have been pushed and birthed into the dawn of a New Earth. The war is not ours to fight. Our Emergance is from the underground. We are the seeds of darkness who have been Activated as light. You hold all resources Within You.

It is time to take our Power back and Shine the light, as the light. No longer seeking for light in the darkness. Accepting You Already Are the Light of the darkness. It is time to draw the line in the sand where enough is enough. To Rise in Power through what you will no longer tolerate or allow to be suppressed and hidden.
In Unconditional Love as Starseeds, we have come to terms with ALL Is Love but to Emerge is to have Claimed Your Personal Expression as Love. To Be Seen, is to Be Present In Your Darkness as Light.

To reconcile within and call back your energy from those that do not support the foundation of your dreams. To release the intake of resources that insist you restrict your full embodiment in order to grow within boundaries set by something outside yourself. It is time to bring Heaven to Earth through Who You Truly Are. Love, Truth, Knowledge, Forgiveness, Play and Inclusion. Darkness and Light, Fire and Water together Free.

We are not here to convince others or to go looking for the mislead and bring them home into Unity. We all have free will and our own guidance system. In Emergance of You Being Free, what you seek, seeks you, meets you. Love is not in attachment to positive aspects of life but rather Honoring who you are and Honoring what others choose to be. Unity is not about sacrificing for others belief systems or to fit in so as to not trigger what makes others comfortable. It is about the release of what does not serve US. To Unify with our True Essence, broke Open through the dissolving of Self Judgement.

We already are One, nothing needs to be done for this. Power of Your Expression and Claiming Your Ground directs the Whole, this is Unified Consciousness.

It is Time to Break Ground and Grow Our Visions of Home. Where Everyone is Welcome and our tables Flow in Abundance for Everyone. Emerging as the fruits that fill the tables, is to know that anyone who comes to the table is Free to eat but Your Fruit is Your Gift and Is to Be Honored as One.