About Me…

I Am a Time Bender through the Recognition of Cycles and Patterns. Transforming Awareness Within, Creates Oppurtunity of New Timelines Without. Through Inner Elevation of Conscious Awareness, We Collapse Lower Vibrational Timelines Into the Now Moment of New Choice, Unlimited In Potential.

To Assist within these changing timelines, I Am Offering these Choices of Energy Exchanges

Conscious expansion calls to support you in your own guidance system and explore concepts of relation.

Assist in discovering and identifying programs that keep you feeling stuck in the same game. Transforming and shifting timelines, ending karmic wages.

Sessions to support shadow work and the learning and growing process of uncovering who you are while integrating the piece’s that had been left behind.

A 9 week Rebirth Experience through your trauma and abuse. A guidebook and your journal, we can travel into the past and redesign the now. Allowing yourself to get in touch with who you are under the story of pain and find the hidden gems of power within.

CONTACT Buildlife33@gmail.com